Save time

We believe time is a valuable resource. With instant updates, you will no longer have to wait to get the data you need, but you can view your portfolio status and access asset allocation instantly.

Monitor performance

A vital part of the investment process is to monitor the performance and the market trends on a regular basis. The Security Holdings section provides you the base value of each fund you possess, and helps identify any potential gain or loss.

Keep in touch

Whether you have an urgent query on your portfolio or require financial guidance on future investments, you can now contact your financial consultant by phone or via email, directly from within the app.

Stay informed

The deVere news portal is now right in your pocket. Receive daily updates on current economic and financial news and learn about trends that could play a significant role in your investment opportunities.

Manage your finances

Gain a better understanding of your spending and saving patterns with convenient access to your Cash Holdings & Cash Movements. deVere Core enables you to monitor your performance and make well informed financial decisions from anywhere.

Achieve goals

It is imperative to evaluate your portfolio in the light of your financial goals. Whether it is retirement or homeownership, the key is to evaluate your portfolio's ability to help you reach your goals.

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